Dr. Damon Stanwell-Smith

Head of Science and Sustainability, Viking
United Kingdom

Damon Stanwell-Smith is a marine scientist, with a successful career in remote-location research management in polar, temperate and tropical environments.  After completing an honours degree in Marine Biology, Damon spent 3 years (1992-95) working as a biologist/diver on a British Antarctic Survey base, gaining a PhD and a healthy respect for sea ice, leopard seals and an appreciation of fresh fruit.  This led to five years of managing field-research teams in Africa and Asia before returning to the Antarctic as an expedition leader on expedition-cruise vessels.  Damon has since held leadership roles, variously at the UN Environment Program’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre, in International marine consultancy and most recently as Executive Director of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO). Damon is Cambridge UK based; and whenever work and pandemics allow, escapes with his family by bicycle or on their traditional Drascombe sailboat.

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