Tim O’Brien

Tour Guide & Author | Royal Yacht Britannia
United Kingdom

Upon joining the Merchant Navy at age 16, Tim O’Brien learned to navigate his way around the world. Next came seven years in the Royal Air Force working on Harrier Jump Jets and Tornado F3 interceptors, with active duty in the Gulf War, followed by two decades as a member of the Scottish Police Service. As a police security escort driver, he had the privilege of driving Prince Charles and Princess Anne. 

Today Tim finds himself wearing his fourth uniform, as a tour guide on the Royal Yacht Britannia, where Prince Charles and Princess Anne created many happy memories during their formative years. He takes great pride in being the resident expert on all things Britannia and has written a book, Tales on Britannia, which recounts stories from her 44 years of service. Tim has appeared on national TV representing the Britannia Charitable Trust.

Tim O’Brien on Viking.TV (1 )