Nevada Berg

Food Writer & Blogger

Nevada Berg is a food writer and blogger, who now lives with her Norwegian husband and their son in Neumadal. Nevada grew up in Salt Lake City and met her husband Espen when they were both studying in England. After living abroad in countries including Italy and Mozambique, Nevada and her family settled in Norway, buying a 17th-century farm in a valley in the east of the country.   

A self-taught cook inspired by the local people she met and the recipes they shared, Nevada began experimenting with her own versions, using local produce and foraging in the wilderness around her to make seasonal dishes from scratch. She was keen to share what she had learned, so she started her blog, North Wild Kitchen, which combined her passions for photography, writing, food, culture and history, in 2016. That year it was awarded Food Blog of the Year by Saveur 

Through North Wild Kitchen, Nevada aims to inspire readers to embrace the concept of slow Nordic living. This includes living mindfully and appreciating the food you eat, by understanding where it comes from and enjoying the social side of eating with friends and family.  

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