Erich Machherndl

Winemaker | Weingut Machherndl

Erich Machherndl is the owner of Weingut Machherndl, which has been in his family since it was established in Austria’s Wachau Valley back in the late 18th century. Becoming a vintner, however, was not what Erich originally envisioned for himself. He completed his secondary education at a technical high school for communications, engineering and electronics. And this led to a successful career in medical engineering. But when his father passed the family winery onto him in 1998, Erich accepted the responsibility and managed to maintain his job as a medical technician until 2002. At that time, he had to make a decision, and he chose the family business—of which he says he has no regrets.

Since taking over the helm, Erich has refined the distinctive Machherndl wine style, melding the traditions of previous generations with modern, innovative techniques. His 20-acre winery is now also recognized as a certified organic wine grower.

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