Dr. Richard Michael Linnehan

Former Astronaut & Veterinarian | JSC Astronaut Office Exploration and Integration, The NASA IRB and IACUC
United States

Dr. Richard M. Linnehan is an experienced NASA astronaut with graduate training as a veterinarian, who has logged over 59 days in space and has taken six space walks. Currently, he is jointly assigned to both the Exploration and Integration branches of the Johnson Space Center’s Astronaut Office, as well as NASA’s IRB (Institutional Review Board) and IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee). Drawing from his firsthand knowledge of spaceflight, Dr. Linnehan continues to work on advanced initiatives in space suit design, EVA (extravehicular activity) training and physiological modeling research, while also directly supporting the development of next-generation spaceflight resistive exercise hardware and on-orbit exercise methodologies.

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