Christopher Wood

Managing Director | Center for Avian Population Studies | Cornell Lab of Ornithology

At age seven, after two years of carefully searching his 6 by 4 foot sandbox for dinosaur fossils, Chris put up a bird feeder in his backyard in Morrison, Colorado. Soon after, a stunning Evening Grosbeak appeared. He was hooked. He decided he wanted to see all the birds in the book. While he has succeeded in seeing the 200 birds in this backyard bird guide, he has since acquired hundreds of books about birds and is still trying to see as many of them as he can. These days, he is focused on eBird, which has grown from a small traditional citizen-science project into a collaborative global enterprise. eBird has become a major source of biodiversity data, increasing the knowledge of the dynamics of species distributions while having a direct impact on the conservation of birds and their habitats. And he has never really given up on the dinosaurs—he just focused on their closest living relatives.

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