Barbara Morgan

Barbara Morgan

Former NASA Astronaut
United States

Barbara Morgan served on Space Shuttle mission STS-118 after following a unique path to becoming a NASA astronaut. NASA selected Morgan as backup to Teacher-in-Space Christa McAuliffe, and together they trained with the Challenger Space Shuttle crew. After the 1986 Challenger accident,

Morgan assumed the role of Teacher-in-Space designee, speaking to educational organizations throughout the country. Later that year, Morgan returned to her public school classroom in Idaho until NASA selected her for the astronaut candidate class of 1998. In 2007, Morgan flew on board the Space Shuttle Endeavour on a two-week mission to help construct the International Space Station. By the time Morgan retired from NASA in 2008, she had logged more than 305 hours in space.

Following her retirement, Morgan accepted an appointment as Boise State University’s Distinguished Educator in Residence (now emeritus). She continues to work with the university, national and international education organizations, NASA and nonprofits.

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