Andreas Viestad

TV Chef and Food Writer

Oslo native Andreas Viestad is an award-winning food writer and internationally recognized TV chef. A Cand.Mag. (master’s degree) graduate from the University of Oslo, Andreas was educated in history and the political and media sciences but was never professionally trained as a chef. He thus prefers to describe himself as a home cook who has made it his life’s work to gain an expert knowledge of food, from its history and cultural impact to the art and science of cuisine.

Throughout his career, Andreas has worked as a food columnist for the Norwegian publications Morgenbladet, Dagens Næringsliv, Dagsavisen, Dagbladet and Magasinet, as well as the US newspaper The Washington Post—all while publishing numerous highly acclaimed cooking and food-related books. However, it was as the host of the culinary show New Scandinavian Cooking; its Norwegian counterpart, En Bit av Norge; and Perfect Day that he became an international household name. Andreas is also the founder of the nonprofit Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children and a restaurateur since 2011 as the co-owner of St. Lars and Salome.

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