Suzy-Jane Tanner

United Kingdom

British native Suzy-Jane Tanner has worked as an illustrator, and writer, on more than 150 children’s books that have been translated into 15 languages. Following graduation from art school in 1972, she worked as a studio artist for Walt Disney Productions in London. In 1980, she was transferred to San Francisco working on the EPCOT project for Walt Disney. Around this time, Suzy-Jane began to dabble in work as an illustrator for many publishing houses, including Celestial Arts, Dawne Leigh and Hodder & Stoughton among others. Since 2013, she has worked on the Finse books—a beloved series of children’s books about Karine Hagen’s yellow Labrador who loves to travel; she has recently finished illustrating the 17th book in the series, Finse Explores World Animals. Suzy-Jane has also exhibited her works in England, Australia and throughout Europe.

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