Jan Bill, PhD

Professor of Viking Age Archaeology & Curator | Museum of Cultural History

Jan Bill, PhD, is a professor of Viking Age archaeology and curator of the Viking ship collection at the Museum of Cultural History.

From 2003 to 2007, Jan was the head of research, exhibition and antiquarian work at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. His area of study encompasses a wide range of themes within the Viking Age and medieval archaeology—notably seafaring, mortuary archaeology and the application of scientific methods. The interpretation of Norwegian ship burials is of special interest to Jan, as is the history of seafaring and its interaction with the development of more complex societies. Jan has published his work extensively and has directed several archaeological excavations. He is now leading the Gokstad Revitalized project and is the vice principal investigator for the newly initiated ARCH-GEN project at the CEES (Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis), which focuses on the patterns and processes that have shaped the cultural and genetic landscape of human populations in eastern Eurasia.

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