Captain Olav Soevdsnes

Captain Olav Soevdsnes

Captain | Viking

Born and raised in the small village of Rovde, Norway, Captain Olav Soevdsnes remembers marveling at the cruise ships sailing by as a child, never dreaming he would one day master the helm of such a vessel. Captain Soevdsnes joined Viking in 2018 after gaining more than 30 years of nautical experience as both staff and master captain. He takes pride in his work, planning ahead and building teamwork to ensure safe passage for guests on board.

A true seaman, Captain Soevdsnes is hard-pressed to pick a favorite destination. While he prefers to see the world over and over again, one of his most memorable moments was from the 2019 Viking World Cruise, when he navigated Viking Sun across Null Island, a unique coordinate where the prime meridian and equator intersect off the West African coast.

Interestingly, Captain Soevdsnes was born a triplet and his two brothers are also sea captains. One works in the oil fields in the North Sea, and the other has been with Viking as well since 2019.

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