Natalie Demblin

Owner and Fashion Accessory Designer | Natalie Demblin Design

Natalie Demblin has been surrounded by art since she was a child. As the daughter of an artist, she grew up surrounded by colors and designs; creating art and unique designs has always come naturally to her. At age 12, Natalie converted a pair of 70s grass-green jeans from her grandmother into a short A-line skirt; she wore her creation with pride for many years and it sparked her interest in fashion design. Natalie trained at a Viennese fashion school and worked in a German haute couture house after graduation. In 2016, she founded Natalie Demblin Design with a line of vibrant and whimsical accessories; her designs in her own words are, “available in many colors and lengths. Unique, like each of us, simple but special.”

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