Louis Konstantin Guntrum

Winemaker | Louis Guntrum estate and winery

Louis Konstantin Guntrum owns and manages the renowned Louis Guntrum estate and winery. Though the present estate was built in 1923, his family has been growing grapes and producing wine in the Rheinhessen region since 1648. Konstantin is now the 11th generation to continue the family’s wine-growing tradition and serves as president of the Nierstein Winegrowers Association. He is also a member of the Rheinhessen Wine Guild and Confrérie Saint-Etienne d’Alsace.

Konstantin joined the family business after earning his MBA and moved to the United States in the late 1990s to support sales of Louis Guntrum wines through Broadbent Selections, Inc. He returned in 2000 and, within three years, took over the helm of the three-century-old family estate, which today encompasses the lands between Nierstein and Oppenheim, Germany. Ever since, Konstantin has been striving for excellence and terroir expression in his wines, with organic grape growing as a matter of course. 

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