Linn Solheim

Paintings Conservator | Munchmuseet

Linn Solheim has worked at MUNCH since 2010, after graduating from the master studies in paintings conservation at the University of Oslo. She was an intern at the Hamilton Kerr Institute at the University of Cambridge. Since then she has worked as the project leader for the conservation, and packing, of the Stenersen collection and is now the coordinator for the conservation of the Munch collection before the move to the new museum in Bjørvika. Her main interest as a paintings conservator at MUNCH has been how to perfect the art of preserving Munch`s challenging, dry matte surfaces and communicating the work of the conservation department, to the public, through talks and presentations. She has a background in art history and theatre. This autumn Linn will start work as a senior paintings conservator at the Norwegian Institute of  Cultural Heritage (NIKU).

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