Linda Van Zanten

Viking Guide, Amsterdam | Linda Presents

Linda van Zanten is a certified Dutch national guide. Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, she has lived in nearly every part of the country, but it is Amsterdam that she confidently calls home. She moved there in 2009 and immediately felt compelled to share her enthusiasm for the city. However, it was not until 2012 that she began pursuing a career as a guide; this is where everything she enjoyed came together—her passion for Amsterdam, tourism, entertainment and organization.

In 2014, Linda started her own tour company—Linda Presents—to show all the famous sights and surprising hidden gems of her beloved adopted homeland with her own personal flair. She then completed the national guide course through ROC van Amsterdam in December 2016. The following month, she successfully passed the Guidor GiVak exams and has since been a proud member of the Guidor Dutch National Guides Association.

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