John Hovland

John Hovland

Sales Manager, KODE Bergen | Troldhaugen

John Hovland is the sales manager of the KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes in Bergen, Norway. Developing and adapting cultural experiences for the tourism market, particularly those with a musical focus, are John’s specialty. He also collaborates closely with Visit Bergen and Fjord Norway to establish Bergen as the cultural capital of Norway.

Of his Norwegian heritage, John holds especially dear the life and music of his fellow Bergener Edvard Grieg (1843–1907), which is perhaps best experienced at the composer’s former home, Troldhaugen. The estate opened as a museum in 1928 and continues to offer concerts in its authentic 19th-century environment. It was here that John began his career as an ambassador of Grieg’s music. During his summer breaks in the 1990s, John worked at Troldhaugen as a tour guide, and now he works for the institution that oversees its preservation as a sales manager.

John received his degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Business and the University of Bergen.

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