Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone

Perfumer | Lili Bermuda

Canadian-native Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone is the perfumer and owner Lili Bermuda, a perfumery established in 1928. In 2003, she moved to Bermuda and the following year she assumed ownership of Lili Bermuda. Under the tutorage of perfumer David Bothello, Isabelle discovered the craft of telling Bermuda's story by processing local flora to produce handcrafted fragrances. A true expression of the island’s natural beauty, Lili Bermuda is an artistic reflection of island’s essense—from the pure scent of the wind and fresh salt spray of the ocean, to its luscious botanicals such as Bermuda cedarwood, spring freesias and juicy loquats. The perfumes of Lili Bermuda have been featured in publications such as New York Times, Elle, AFAR and Instyle, among others.

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