Hanne Lovise Aannestad

Collection Manager for the Archaeological Collection | Museum of Cultural History

Hanne Lovise Aannestad, PhD, is an archaeologist and archaeological collection manager at the University of Oslo’s Museum of Cultural History—home to one of Norway’s largest prehistoric and medieval archaeological collections. For her doctoral thesis, she examined the usage of more than 350 objects brought back by Viking explorers from their far-flung travels across Europe, the British Isles and even Asia. These items included buckles, necklaces, coins, belts and pearls, each transformed into an accessory demonstrating the owner’s status and prestige.

Dr. Aannestad has worked at the Museum of Cultural History for more than 17 years. In that time, her primary research interests have included Viking Age studies, material culture, museology and cultural heritage. And as an expert on foreign objects from the Viking Age, she has participated in several radio and television speaking engagements since 2016.

Hanne Lovise Aannestad on Viking.TV (1)