Håkon Glørstad

Museum Director | The Viking Ship Museum
Oslo , Norway

Håkon Glørstad, Dr.Philos., is the director of the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, where he also holds a professorship in archaeology. He was appointed the position of museum director in 2014. And over the past six years, he has been heavily involved in the development plans for the total renewal of the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo.

An expert in the Stone Age of Scandinavia, as well as archaeological epistemology and cultural heritage management, Håkon has overseen numerous excavations. One of the most notable of which includes the Svinesund project of the early 2000s, a survey of more than ten Stone Age settlements—the largest archaeological dig of its kind in Norway. Prior to this, he helped found Primitive Tider (now among the top peer-reviewed scientific journals of Scandinavian archaeology) and served as its editor for five years. To date, he also has more than 150 publications under his name.

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