Gerald Boudreau


Gerald Boudreau is a photographer with over 40 years of experience, first as a passionate amateur and today as an equally passionate professional. His love for photography dates back to his teens, and since then he has had the privilege of traveling to more than 20 countries with his cameras and tripods to capture the beauty of distant places. Gerald has a soft spot for churches, which he describes as “the magnificent castles of religion,” and capturing the colors of the night, his favorite photography niche.  

Gerald believes there are two different types of photography, capturing an image or creating an image, and it is in the latter that he considers the art of photography. “By creating a photograph, it's not necessarily what you see, but what you'd like to see, and that's the difference,” he explains. “Nearly everyone can take a picture, but few can create a picture.” 

He is a strong advocate of copyrights for photographers and recognizing photography as an art form. 

Born in New Brunswick, of Acadian origin, Gerald now lives in Lévis on the South Bank of the St. Lawrence River, on the outskirts of Quebec City. 

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