Frédéric Dezauzier

Global Brand Ambassador and Master Blender | CAMUS

Oenologist, master blender and global brand ambassador for Camus, Frédéric Dezauzier is a cognac expert with more than four decades of expert knowledge and experience. Frédéric began his career as cellar master at the French Chambers of Agriculture, in 1981, and as a cellar master for Rouyer Guillet. Following this, he moved to India imparting his knowledge as a wine and spirit consultant while simultaneously training future wine and spirit specialists at an agricultural school. In 2007, he returned to France to helm the International Eaux-de-vie University in the role of president. Frédéric joined Camus, the world’s largest family-run, independent Cognac house, in 2010. He travels the world and conducts interviews regularly sharing his passion with Camus connoisseurs.

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