Dr. Jamie Fraser

Curator, Ancient Levant and Anatolia Collections | The British Museum
United Kingdom

Dr. Jamie Fraser is the curator of the ancient Levant and Anatolia collections in the Department of the Middle East at the British Museum. In 2016, he received his PhD at the University of Sydney. And two years later, he published a book delving into the megalithic tomb monuments of the Bronze Age: Dolmens in the Levant. For this book, Dr. Fraser was presented the prestigious G. Ernest Wright Award honoring authors and editors for their contribution to archaeological literature on the ancient Near East and eastern Mediterranean.

Dr. Fraser has also been involved in numerous archaeological projects in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kashmir, Greece, Cambodia, Australia and the Solomon Islands. His latest has taken him to Jordan, where he is currently directing a British Museum excavation investigating a site believed to be a 4,500-year-old olive oil factory.

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