Daniel Serra

Daniel Serra

Culinary Archaeologist

Daniel Serra is a culinary archaeologist and academic who regularly hosts workshops and lectures on Viking Age cuisine, as well as offering guided tours to archaeological sites followed by authentic cooking and tasting experiences. Daniel specializes in the period of history between 793–1066 AD, popularly known as the Viking Age, when the Norsemen undertook raids and expeditions to colonize and trade throughout Europe and North America.   

As a culinary archaeologist, Daniel’s work is focused on helping further our historical knowledge by studying what people ate, and how food was part of their culture. Daniel notes that food is an essential part of not just sustaining ourselves, but it is how we meet others, express ourselves and create memories.  

Daniel also runs his business “Memento–Past Food,” where he offers talks and workshops on historical cuisine, covering everything from the Iron Age through to the Renaissance. Daniel has spoken at several historical events around the world, including at the Vesterheim, the National Norwegian-American Museum in Iowa. Guests traveling on the Viking Mississippi will have the opportunity to visit the museum.   

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