Cyril Camus

President | Camus
Cognac , Nouvelle-Aquitaine , France

Cyril Camus is the president of Camus, the world’s largest family-run, independent Cognac house. When he took over the helm of this historic brandy company in 2003, he looked to the philosophy shared by the four generations that preceded him—to always seek the exceptional and celebrate the traditions that have guided the brand since its founding in 1863—and it did not fail him.

Under Cyril’s leadership, Camus witnessed an expansion in its estate to 692 acres as well as in its international presence in China, the US, Russia and Hong Kong. In 2017, the company was awarded the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label. And that same year, Cyril was welcomed into France’s National Order of the Legion of Honor. After 15 years in the making and the development of an exclusive patented distillation process, he also released a range of intensely aromatic Camus Cognacs—the first of its kind—ushering in a new era of Cognac production for the company.

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