Benedict Redgrove

Photographer and Filmmaker
United Kingdom

British photographer and filmmaker Benedict Redgrove has long held a fascination for innovation and industry. After attending the Berkshire College of Art and Design, he spent his early career at various design studios, honing his creative talent as a graphic designer. In his late 20s, he shifted his focus when he discovered the best way to showcase his vision was through photography and filmmaking.

Benedict’s affinity for science fiction and space exploration, as well as physical, environmental and technological extremes, ultimately led him to capture projects and objects at their most cutting edge. And he has spent his career recording the groundbreaking technology of human endeavors, producing a photographic art form that provides a window into an often unseen world—from the UK’s Ministry of Defence to the European Space Agency and NASA.

In 2019, Benedict published NASA: Past and Present Dreams of the Future—a unique collection of images paying tribute to the pioneers of space exploration.

Benedict Redgrove on Viking.TV (1)