Anabela Silva

Shore Excursion Manager, Portugal | Viking

Throughout her professional life, Anabela Silva has gravitated towards education and hospitality. Since joining the Viking family in 2017 as a Shore Excursion Manager, Anabela is responsible for developing excursions alongside the River Douro, from its source at the “Urbion Peaks” in Soria, Spain, flowing westerly through pristine nationals parks and UNESCO-designated wine regions to its mouth near Porto, the cultural capital of northern Portugal.

Anabela’s passion for languages led her to study English and Portuguese modern literature at the University of Porto. After completing her post-graduate studies in tourism and heritage at the Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology, Anabela taught English for a spell before embracing a new career as a tour escort. She joined Viking as a Program Director in 2017, and the following year she was promoted to our corporate office in Portugal, where she continues to apply her intimate knowledge of Portugal to cultivate enriching experiences for our guests.

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