Alexandra Beucler

Alexandra Beucler

Director of Global Brand Management and Content Systems | Viking
United States

Alexandra Beucler is the Director of Global Brand Management and Content Systems at Viking, providing her expertise in establishing efficient workflows and processes for complex projects while managing the company’s global brand identity. She holds an MBA from Paris’s Sciences Po, along with a BA in international affairs from the University of Colorado Denver, through which she also completed an exchange program at the Guilin University of Technology in China, spurring her interest—and later fluency—in Mandarin.

Immediately upon completing her postgraduate studies, Alexandra launched her career in marketing and advertisement at LVMH in Paris. This subsequently led to her return to the US to work with other world-renowned companies, including Foote, Cone & Belding, the Original Farmers Market and Marc Friedland Couture Communications, before she joined Viking in 2015.

With her world travels and growing up in France with near-daily dinner parties, Alexandra has developed a palate for a wide range of ethnic foods, as well as an affinity for the culinary arts that she enjoys sharing at every opportunity with family and friends.

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