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Discover our Ancient Mediterranean Treasures itinerary with Joost Ouendag and Lia Da Silva Müller


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Hosted by Joost Ouendag and his guest Lia Da Silva Müller

Cast off for the Mediterranean with Joost Ouendag, Vice President of Group Product Development at Viking, and Lia Da Silva Müller, Director of Product Development and Land Operations at Viking, as they highlight our intriguing Ancient Mediterranean Treasures itinerary. Discover the architectural treasures of Athens, the Byzantine wonders of Istanbul and the remnants of ancient Troy and Ephesus during this remarkable 8-day journey. Throughout Joost and Lia’s enlightening presentation, learn more about our award-winning ocean ships, our Viking Inclusive Value and The Viking Difference. Viewers’ questions will be answered during the livestream, but should you have any additional questions following this presentation, we welcome you to reach out to us at vikingfamily@viking.com. 


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