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Truffle Hunting (02:57)

Hidden in the woods of France, nestled in the forest floor, waits a rare treasure that is prized by many but found by few. Join Viking Cruises® Sr. Vice President Karine Hagen as Trufficulteur Eduoard Aynaud shows her how dogs are trained to unearth truffles, one of the world’s most valuable delicacies. Truffles are highly fragrant fungi loved by chefs around the world. It is said the Romans called truffles “the food of the gods.” Once the job of pigs, truffle hunting has gone to the dogs because they, unlike pigs, can be trained to find truffles without eating them. Many types of dogs can hunt for truffles, if they are trained correctly. In this Viking Cruises video, Eduoard explains his three-week training program, which progresses from hiding a small, ventilated container holding a truffle oil-infused cotton ball in your house to burying the container outside in the yard. Each time your dog finds and retrieves the container with the truffle oil, you reward her with treats. With Eduoard’s instruction, practice and lots of encouragement, you may be able to turn your dog into a world-class truffle hunter. Visiting a working truffle farm is one of the many optional excursions available on the Châteaux, Rivers & Wine itinerary from Viking Cruises.


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