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Explore More Magazine 2019

Explore More Magazine 2019

In this edition, join us as we venture to some exciting new destinations in South America and introduce our combined river and ocean cruises—perfect for those who wish to experience the best of both worlds. On our 15-day Viking Homelands cruise, we uncover some Baltic stars, from Tallinn’s beautifully preserved Old Town to the fairy-tale fusion of Renaissance and Gothic architecture in Gdańsk. Taking you farther afield, we discover Australia and New Zealand’s unmissable sights and explore the rich cultures and vibrant cities of the Far East.

Read about the best ways to visit or extend your stay in some fascinating destinations—including Tromsø, Stockholm, Santorini, Venice, San Juan, Lisbon, Cairo and St. Petersburg. I also reveal some of my favorite recipes for delicious regional dishes served on board our ocean and river ships, including Scandinavian and Portuguese specialties.

Explore More Magazine 2019

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