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Explore More Magazine 2017

Explore More Magazine 2017

In this edition, join us on a cruise along the scenic Rhine River and discover what makes one of Europe’s most important waterways one of its most popular. Come face-to-face with ancient history and a class full of smiling schoolchildren eager to learn in the enchanting village of Sophy, Cambodia. Explore Moscow’s underground mosaics in its Metro and St. Petersburg’s palaces and museum treasures, and read about the best ways to visit or extend your stay in some truly fascinating destinations—including Avignon, Bergen, Helsinki, San Juan, Shanghai and St. Petersburg.

We take a closer look at the authentic Nordic spa experience you can enjoy on our ocean ships, and journey into the heart of Scandinavia and the Baltic for a memorable voyage on our iconic 15-day Viking Homelands. I also share some of my favorite recipes from our first recipe book inspired by dishes served on board our ocean and river ships around the world, The Kitchen Table.

Explore More Magazine 2017

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